21st April 2020

Here is the story of a bee called Bella, who has a passion for flowers, and has the superpower of making honey thanks to her honey stomach. Her friends, the Superbees, help her finish the job and produce the yummy gooey product that we all know.


15th March 2020

‘This first video is about the song called ‘put on your shoes’. The kids love that song and I think it’s great as it teaches them some basic vocabulary as the shoes, jacket, scarf and hat.

With this video, I wanted to share a nice way for kids to learn this basic vocabulary, and to actually learn how to put everything on while following the song!’


15th April 2020

Today, I would like to share a gameI spy with my little eye. To make the game even more fun, I decided to also create some beautiful binoculars.

Watch the video so we can create the binoculars and play the game together!


17th March 2020

Every family needs to paint or draw a rainbow on a piece of cardboard or on a bed sheet – with written ‘tutto andrà bene’ or ‘andrà tutto bene’ on it, which means ‘everything will be OK

With this great initiative, we are able to share some positivity and more importantly, to give some colors to this dark situation 🌈’

Watch the video and we can do it together!


12th April 2020

Happy Easter everyone! This year is definitely a different Easter than usual. This year we get to concentrate on the simple things. How about some fun bunnies counting?

Watch the video so we can count and sing together!


5th April 2020

Today I want to share a great banana bread recipe with you 😋

I LOVE banana bread as it’s something that you can eat for breakfast, as a dessert or even as a snack. And this recipe is so easy that the kids will be able to join in and enjoy some quality time with you ❤️

Let me know if you like it in the comments!


8th April 2020

Easter is getting closer and closer – so here’s a nice craft to decorate your house or your table for Easter Day!

Let’s make some Easter bunnies with toilet rolls!

Watch the video and we can do it together!


6th April 2020

So from today, Easter week is starting! How exciting 😁

I wanted to start this week with a great activity for fine motor skillseaster egg lacing.

With only some eggs cut out from a thick cardboard or from a cardboard box, and some shoelaces!

Watch the video and we can do it together!

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